Beginning Band Literature

TitlesComposerKey signatureRhythms, extra infoRangeRecommended by:
A Prehistoric SuiteJennings, PaulBb EbEighth (4 movements) split partsConcert Bb-BbSoukup, Jeff
A Song for PeaceSwearingen, JamesBb Ebquarter, dotted halfConcert Bb-GBaker, Brenda
Abaco Beach VacationHannickel, MikeBb Eb Abmoving eighth (limited)Concert Bb-Bb(flute)Cogswell, Mary
Abide with MeSmith, Robert WBb EbQuarter noteConcert Bb-GDragoo, Mick
Above and BeyondSwearingen, JamesBb Eb AbEighth-movingConcert Bb-BbBaule, Patty
All Aboard!Conaway, MattBb Eb Dotted quarterConcert Bb-G Beck, Laura
Ancient HuntersO’Laughlin, SeanBb Eb AbQuarter noteConcert Bb-GDragoo, Mick
Band on ParadeSweeney, MichaelBb EbQuarter noteConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Beethoven’s NinthLavender, PaulBb EbQuarter (eighth perc)Concert Bb-GMagstadt, Robyn
Beyond the StarsHuckaby, EdBb Eb AbEighth-movingConcert Bb-COpp, Jared
Bugler’s DreamLavender, PaulBb EbQuarter (eighth perc)Concert Bb-GMagstadt, Robyn
Call of DutySmith, Robert WBb EbEighth-moving, eighth-dotted quarterConcert Bb-BbBaker, Brenda
Cha Cha LiteOsterling, EricBb EbEighth-moving, sycopationConcert Bb-bbViquez , Luis
Colliding VisionsBalmages, BrianBb EbEighth-moving 3/4 timeConcert Bb-BbBaker, Brenda
Colors of ChristmasSmith, Robert WBb EbEighth (limited)Concert Bb-GDragoo, Mick
Come, Rejoice!arr/Watson, ScottBb Eb Abeighth-moving Concert Bb-Bb+
Continental DivideSheldon, RobertBb Ebeighth (limited) slursConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Count to Ten (Murphy Music Press)Alex ShapiroBbQuarter notes, accidentals, Electro-acousticConcert Bb-AbCogswell, Mary
Creatures in the AtticBalmages, BrianBb EbEighth -moving, story to go withConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Creepy CrawliesStory, MichaelBb Eb AbEighth, few accidentalsConcert Bb-AbSoukup, Jeff
DominanceConaway, MattBb EbEighthConcert Bb-GDragoo, Mick
EnchantmentBalmages, BrianBb EbQuarterConcert Bb-GBaker, Brenda
Escape from KyrptonSmith, Robert WBb Eb AbEighth-moving,split partsConcert Bb-BbBaker, Brenda
ExcaliburSwearingen, JamesBb Eb AbEighth-syncopationConcert Bb-CBaule, Patty
Fanfare and MarchSweeney, MichaelBb EbQuarterConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Fires of MazamaSweeney, MichaelBb EbEighthConcert Bb-BbDragoo, Mick
Flying HighOwens, WilliamBb Eb eighth noteConcert Bb-G Beck, Laura
Forward MarchMurtha, PaulBb EbEight-moving, dotted quarter, tied, split partsConcert Bb-Bb
FuriosoSmith, Robert WBb EbEighth, slurs, staccato, accentConcert Bb-GSoukup, Jeff
Gallant MarchSweeney, MichaelBb EbQuarter noteConcert Bb-GMagstadt, Robyn
GenesisFeldstein/ClarkBb Eb AbEighth-moving , accidentalsConcert Bb-Bb+Viquez , Luis
Half-Past TwoStandridge, RandallBbEighth-moving, dotted quarterConcert Bb-BbSoukup, Jeff
In the DistanceRose, JenniferBbQuarter, Electroacoustic trackConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Journey to the StarsSwearingen, JamesBb Eb AbEighth-movingConcert Bb-BbBaker, Brenda
Jupiter from “The Planets”Arr/Story, MichaelBb EbEighth-moving ¾Concert Bb-ABaule, Patty
Latin MagicHiggins, JohnBb EbQuarter noteConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Li'l Lisa JaneArr/Story, MichaelBb EbEighth-moving-syncopation-accidentalsConcert Bb-G (mostly)Baker, Brenda
Majestic MarchLavender, PaulBb EbQuarterConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
March from 1st Suite for Military bandarr/ Story, MichaelBb EbEighth-moving eighth, eighth restsConcert Bb-BbDragoo, Mick
March to the Sunrise (Murphy Music Press)Fisher, DanielleBb EbVery few eighthsConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Meet and Greet Old MacDonalds BandGerald SebeskyBbEighth split partsConcert Bb-BbDragoo, Mick
Mickey Mouse MarchArr/Sweeney, Michael Bb EbQuarterConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
NighthawkSwearingen, JamesBb EbEighth-moving at slower tempoConcert Bb-GBaker, Brenda
On the Big Loop (Murphy Music Press)Budiansky, MollieBb EbQuarterConcert Bb-GCogswell,Mary
Peace Like a RiverSmith, Robert WBb EbEighth-moving, dotted quarterConcert Bb-GBaker, Brenda
Penguin PromenadeHannickel, MikeBb EbEighth noteConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Pirate’s CoveMilford, GeneBb Eb AbEighthConcert Bb-BbDragoo, Mick
Presto!Sheldon, RobertBb EbEighthConcert Bb-FDragoo, Mick
ReignSmith, Robert WBb EbEighth-movingConcert Bb-GBaker, Brenda
Revenge of the Dust BunniesAdams, DanBb Eb AbEighth-moving-split partsConcert Bb-BbMogen, Helen
Rock This Band!Robert SheldonBbQuarter notesConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Royal MarchKinyon, JohnBb EbEighth-moving, accidental, dotted quarterConcert Bb-BbNiles, Duane
Russian Sailors Dancearr Kinyon, JamesBb EbEighth-moving, accidentals, sycopationConcert Bb-BbNiles, Duane
Safari Drums RockCompello, JosephBb EbEighth, accidentalsConcert Bb-BbCogswell, Mary
Samba la BambaOwens, WilliamBb EbEighthConcert Bb-FCogswell, Mary
Santa’s Toy MarchO’Laughlin, SeanBb EbEighth (limited)Concert Bb-BbDragoo, Mick
Sea Shanty VariationsLoest, TimothyBb Eb AbEighth-movingConcert Bb-ABaker, Brenda
Shadows UnleashedBalmages, BrianBb EbEighth-moving, lot of accidentals, split partsConcert Bb-bb
SlidewaysLoest, TimothyBb EbEighthConcert Bb-GMagstadt, Robyn
Sousa’s CadetsSousa/arr. LoestBb EbQuarter note (slurs and staccato)Concert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Star WarsArr/Strommen, CarlBb EbEighth,few accidentalsConcert Bb-BbCogswell, Mary
StarSplitter FanfareBalmages, BrianBb EbEighthConcert Bb-GMagstadt, Robyn
Street Noise!Katahj CopleyBbQuarter notes, accidental
Educational supplemental material included
Concert Ab-AbCogswell, Mary
Synergy MarchOwens, WilliamBb Ebeighth (limited), 30 measuresConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
TamboraOwens, WilliamBb EbEighth-moving-hand claps, foot stompConcert Bb-GBaker, Brenda
The Hammer of ThorJenkins, DarrenBb Eb AbEighth (limited)Concert Bb-AbDragoo, Mick
The QuestFagan, GaryBb EbQuarterConcert Bb-G (Bb-Bb-flute)Baker, Brenda
The TempestSmith, Robert WBb Ebeighth-moving, accidentalsConcert Bb-bb
Tyrannosaurus Rocks!Hannickel, MikeBb EbEighth note (low brass, perc only), bari sax mouthpiece on tuba for dinosaur effectConcert Bb-GCogswell, Mary
Unleash the PowerTaylor, LesBb Eb AbDotted quarterConcert Bb-BbCogswell, Mary
Westwind OvertureMcGinty, AnneBb Eb AbEighth-moving, split partsConcert Bb-BbCogswell, Mary

Young Band Literature

TitleComposerGrade/LevelTime Signature(s)Key Signature(s)Comments
African Alleluia (Wana Baraka)O'Reilly, John14/4Eb
Dark MatterDaughtrey, Nathan14/4Eb
There Will Come Soft RainsSheldon, Robert1.54/4Eb
Above the WorldGrice, Rob24/4Bb
AfterburnStandridge, Randall24/4Eb
Air for BandErickson, Frank24/4Eb, C
Arabian DancesBarrett, Roland24/4F and Bbhand claps
Barrier ReefSheldon, Robert24/4, 2/2Ab,Ffoot stomp, hand clap
Falcon FanfareBalmages, Brian24/4F
Fanfare for a New AgeStory, Michael22/4Eb
Fantasy on an Irish AirSaucedo, Richard24/4Bb
ForeverBalmages, Brian23/4, 4/4, 2/4Eb
Great Locomotive Chase (The)Smith, Robert W24/4 and 3/4Bb
GrooveeSaucedo, Richard24/4Bb
High VoltageStandridge, Randall24/4Fsynthesizer "lightening" sound
Hosts of FreedomGlover, Andrew arr22/2F and Bb
In This Quiet PlaceSheldon, Robert24/4Eb
Korean Folk Song RhapsodyCurnow, James arr23/4F, Eb
Radetzky MarchStrauss, Balent arr22/2Eb
Salvation is CreatedChesnokov, Brown arr24/4Eb
Seconds OutHazo, Samuel23/4Eb
ShenandoahSheldon, Robert24/4Bb
Shepherd's HeyBalent, Andrew arr24/4Eb
ShipwreckedNowlin, Ryan24/4Ab,Ffinger snaps
Terracotta WarriorsWatson, Scott24/4Ebstomp feet, optional soprano recorder part
Themes from First Suite in EbHolst, Sweeney arr23/4, 2/4Eb
Whiteleaf HillTucker, Benjamin24/4,3/4Bb,Eb
AcclamationsHuckeby, Ed2.54/4Bb
Alamo MarchKing, Swearingen arr2.52/2Bb, Eb
Bravura!Neeck, Larry2.54/4 and 3/4F and Eb
CongoleseOwens, William2.53/4` and 4/4Ab
CounterbalanceStalter, Todd2.54/4Eb
Cut to the ChaseStalter,Todd2.54/4F
Fanfare and TriumphSwearingen, James2.54/4, 3/4Eb,Bb
Hypnotic FirefliesBalmages, Brian2.54/4,3/4, 2/4Fmetal slinky
In the Shining of the StarsSheldon, Robert2.54/4Eb, Ab
Into the ArcticBalmages, Brian2.54/4,2/4,3/4 (2measures)Bb
Jungle DanceBalmages, Brian2.54/4Ebhand claps
March of the Belgian ParatroopersLeemans, Brown arr2.52/4Eb,Ab
National EmblemConaway, Matt arr2.52/4Bb
New Era FanfareStandridge, Randall2.54/4Ab
Pursuit of the CentaurSheldon, Robert2.54/4Bb and C
Snake CharmerStandridge, Randall2.54/4Bb
Solstice DanceWilds, Jack2.54/4Fhand claps
SparksBalmages, Brian2.54/4 with some 3/4Eb
Synthesis (Fanfare and Celebration)Balmages, Brian2.54/4, 2/4Bb
Twittering MachineBalmages, Brian2.54/4 and 3/4Eb
Valley ForgeKing, Swearingen2.52/2Bb
AbracadabraTicheli, Frank34/4Bb,Eb, F, C
Chimney Rock CelebrationsSheldon, Robert34/4Eb
Cumberland CrossStrommen, Carl34/4 (2/4, 5/4 only a few measures)Bb
EncantoSmith, Robert W33/4, 2/4, 4/4Bb
ExcelsiorKing, Milford arr32/4Bb
Fanfare Ode and FestivalMargolis, Bob32/4Bb
How to Train Your DragonPowell, John34/4 and 3/4F and Bb
ImaniO'Loughlin, Sean34/4Bbsinging
The Witch and the SaintReineke, Conaway arr34/4, 3/4, 5/4,2/4Eb,F,Ab,Bb
All Ye Young SailorsLa Plante, Pierre1.5-26/8Bb