SDBA Hall of Fame Nomination

Criteria for Candidate Selection:

  • A Person who has for 15 years or more, made a significant impact on band programs in South Dakota
  •  The award may be granted posthumously
  •   A nominee not chosen in a specific year is again nominated the following year
  •   The nominee must be retired from a profession in education


  •  The SDBA Hall of Fame inductee shall be honored at the annual SDBA conference. An appropriate plaque shall be presented to the honoree or their representative(s) at the final concert.
  • A plaque with a photo of each inductee, along with a biographical data shall be permantly displayed in the National Music Museum in Vermillion.
  • The Selection Committee Chairman shall be responsible for securing the plaques as well as photos and biographical data and to see that they are displayed in the appropriate place in the National Music Museum.

Selection Committee

  •  The selection committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee and four members of SDBA.  Emphasis shall be given to choose 2 members who are retired from SDBA. For a total of five (5) members.
  •  The selection committee will meet after the nomination date has passed in order to check the qualifications of the candidates,thoroughly, and then to present a ballot to the membership during the February annual meeting.

Selection Process

  • Any member of the SDBA in good standing may make a nomination of a candidate for inclusion in the Hall Of Fame
  • The number of honorees inducted into the SDBA Hall of fame beginning in (1997) shall be limited to one (1) honoree per year.
  • Nomination forms may be downloaded from the SDBA Website The nomination must include a thorough resume of the nominees teaching career and contributions to SDBA. The completed nomination forms must be returned to the selection committee by February 1. Only nominees processed through the selection committee are eligible for candidacy.
  • Names of the candidates who have been approved by the selection committee will be presented annually for approval by the SDBA membership at the annual meeting during the South Dakota Music In-Service. Members may speak in behalf of candidate. Voting will be by secret ballot, the nominee(s) receiving the least votes cannot be inducted that year but will be again nominated the following year on the ballot.
  • A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the membership in attendance is required of each candidate.  There may be years with no one selected.
  •  Honorees shall be notified of their election by the Selection Committee Chairman. Next of Kin will be notified for posthumous awarding of Hall of Fame
Nomination Form